Breakfast at Tiffany's slots

Video slot made by IGT

The Breakfast at Tiffany's slot machine game, from IGT is not one their biggest hits, but does have a huge number of fans. In some ways, this slot is very much in the same style as sex and the city - there are lots of different bonus features and enough variety in game play to keep anyone amused.

Breakfast at Tiffany's slots

Unlike sex in the city, this game has two screens to play rather than the 4 you get in the city slots. For me this is preferable and t also means you get more playing time for your money when you want the maximum action.

The features movie footage from the game, including the main two characters as well as plenty of booze, parties and new York life.

Fans of breakfast at tiffany's movies will be pleased to discover that the lovely ginger cat features heavily in the slot. He makes regular appearances, walking around the screen and at certainty times in the games is responsible for handing out random wild symbols

There is another bonus feature where the cat turns up and you are invited to pet him to accumulate prizes. Keep petting him and the more prizes you win, until he gets bored, or becomes illusive (as cats do) , then the game is over.

As if that wasn't enough of the cat to satisfy you, he even has his own full bonus game. During the game you find yourself in an alleyway and you need to find the lost cat in in a selection of different boxes. At the same time you can trigger one of the progressive bonuses, which are also found in the boxes.

Find the cat an you are treated to the movie VIP from the film, along with bonus points galore.

The typewriter also features prominently in the game. As with the cat, the typewriter will hand out free random wild symbols and also you will be invited to type for bonuses.

The game is superb in originality, sound graphics and is certain to become a hit in las Vegas casinos. Perhaps in terms of popularity this will be it's 'next' sex in the city slot?


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