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Alien Slots

Classic video slot made by ITG

Alien slots is based on the hit Sci-Fi movie series and features many of the original cast and characters. The makers of this slot machine have managed to capture the darkness and eery nature of the movie very well, with some compelling sound effects and graphics accompanying the gameplay.




Alien Slot Machine

One of the most amazing things about Alien slots is that it still feels fresh and new, despite the fact it has been around for a number of years.

The one thing you might find though, is that some of the Alien slots in Vegas now have dull screens, as they are so old and faded. If you are lucky, though, you might find a version with a new screen that still looks as bright and fresh as the day it was first released in US casinos.

Whichever version you find, this is definitely a great slot machine which is really worth checking out if you haven't already played it.

It's worth mentioning, that if you are of a nervous disposition, then you might want to avoid Alien slots - it can come up with some creepy or even scary moment that could have you rushing for the door.


Bonus Round

One of the best bonus rounds of any Vegas slot, is the Alien Egg Bonus. During the bonus, you are immersed in a chilling background sound and you are invited to select alien eggs which crack open to reveal either prize money or aliens. The sound effects are very similar to the movie and you can almost feel the alien slime as the eggs crack open to reveal their contents.

In another bonus round you see your character traveling around the ship and as they move around, through the doors (they slide open in a suspense-filled moment) - occasionally this will reveal an alien. At this point there is the battle and let's face it... it's you or the alien! Should you defeat the alien you will be rewarded rich bonus money, but if the alien gets you first, that's the end of the bonus round and you start those reels spinning again.

Overall, this is a really cool slot, with plenty of features and suspense. There are not many slots that have the same feeling of suspense that this one has. The nearest to it is probably the flying Monkey bonus round on Wizard of Oz slots, which does scare some people.


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