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Buffalo Cash Express Gold Class Slots

One of the more unusual slots in vegas right now is the Cash Express Gold Class machines. Actually, the slot machine games themselves are the standard versions of games like Buffalo (the most popular of them all), but they are attached to an extra bonus feature, called the Buffalo Express.

This doesn't come for free - you pay a few extra cents per spin for the opportunity to play on the Express, but for many players, the extra money is more than worth it. The bonus can pay out big!

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Buffalo Slots Video (above) - showing the steam train bonus. This is also known as the express gold train bonus - it's great fun, but at the same time is quite odd - what does it have to do with Buffalos? ... The answer is, we don't really care as long as it pays out a decent amount of cash! :)

Buffalo Express Gold Slot

The great thing about these games, is that the bonus is always at random. The way it is introduced is totally unique too. With all players sat at a multiplayer screen (as well as their regular slot in front of them), a train rushes across - we know there will be a bonus, but we don't know who will get it!

So, everyone waits to see where the train lands, just hoping it will be at their machine - yes, it's hard to explain, maybe you have to play it to really understand what this is all about. Or, watch out videos!


Buffalo Slots Huge Win + progressive jackpot - great video, showing how big wins can be when you get enough buffalos lined up. The progressive win at the end is kind of funny, because it is so small compared to the buffalo win.


And here's the marketing video - always interesting to take a look at the videos the company uses to sell the game to the casinos!


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