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When you play the Buffalo slots online, you will notice a few differences from the Vegas original. The main difference most people will spot is that the payouts are bigger in Vegas, especially if you get 3 and 4 buffalos in a row.

Also, the online version has a gamble feature. Most likely this is only there for UK players, who are used to finding this feature in their games.

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Buffalo Online Slot Machine

Buffalo slots is only available to UK players online (at time of writing) and there is not even a free version for players in the US and Canada to enjoy.

As soon as we find a free version, we will bring it to you, but until then, take a look at the video below. It is is almost identical to the original, but shows quite a few differences, including autoplay and gamble feature.The pay table of the online version is also different from Vegas - scroll down to see that...

Other than that, I also find the click sound when you press the spin button a bit annoying. When I play a Vegas game online, I prefer it to look, feel and sound identical to the original.

Although the basic game play is identical, I have to say that I much prefer the Vegas version - mainly for the mathematics.

One thing I really miss, is the fantastic music during the bonus game - why is the online version silent during the bonus??? - that totally sucks the atmosphere that transforms Buffalo from being a good slot into a great slot!


How the multipliers stack up - there is nothing better on Buffalo slots, than playing the bonus free spins and seeing 3 of those wild symbols line up on reels 2, 3 and 4 - this was a big win, but would have been huge had there been a buffalo on reel 1. Just think, it would have been 300x3x3x2x2 = £108.00 on a 40p bet!


Online Buffalo Slots Payouts - when you play Buffalo slots in Vegas, 3 Buffalos in a row gives your 200 credits, but online, it only pays you 50 :(

See below for the comparison, it is quite surprising!


Payouts on the online version of Buffalo Slots

  • 2 buffalos = 10
  • 3 buffalos = 50
  • 4 buffalos = 100
  • 5 buffalos = 300


In Vegas, though, the Buffalo payouts are different:

  • 2 buffalos = 50
  • 3 buffalos = 200
  • 4 buffalos = 250
  • 5 buffalos = 300

So, the payout schedule is very very different online vs in Vegas!

This makes a huge difference to the game. Apparently, the online version is more like the one in Canada. Amazingly, it doesn't stop at Buffalos, either - all of the symbols pay out less on the online version.

The question I have, though, is how does this work? The reason I ask, is that the payout is still meant to be 94.9% on the online version, which is high compared to machines in Vegas.

So, where does the online machine give you extra, where the Vegas version is paying out such a low amount for the pay-lines?

It is a mystery.

The answer could be (at least partly) that you get more stacked buffalos on reels 1 and 2 on the online version. That might enhance the possible number of buffalo wins that you could get when playing online compared to in Vegas.

Imagine the effect of hitting the famous 5 buffalos, getting a 3-stack on all 5 reels, instead of just on reels 3, 4 and 5 - it would hand out 3x3x3x3x3 = 243 x bet. But in Vegas, if you rarely hit 3 buffalos on reels 1 and 2, it would more likely give you just one on those real - so, that would be 1x1x3x3x3 = 27 x bet

So, maybe that is the answer? Maybe you get more wins in Vegas, more entertainment for your money.

The other possibility is that you get more bonuses online?

Answers on a post card please!


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