Castle King Slots

Multiplayer community gaming video slot produced by WMS Gaming

Castle King is another slots machine with a huge shared screen, linking 4 slots together. The idea is that bonuses are shared, giving players a community feel, as multiple players can compete and work together to gain wins. The game itself can be attached to any of WMS G+ style slots.

Castle King Slot Machine

Again, this machine is billed as a penny slot, although the minimum spin on the machine we played was 60 cents. A step up from the standard 25, 30, 40 and 50 cent minimums we have been used to seeing on major games over the past few years.

At first sight this game does not appear to be giving players anything new, but under the skin there are some intestine features.

One such feature is an indicator as to whether progressives will pay out should you hit the bonus to take you onto them. Next to each progressive is a sign stating, for example, 'this will hit within the next 2 hits'. Quite a clever way to keep players at the machine if they can see that a progressive may be about to pay out.

The game features basic 5 reel play and relies heavily on a free spin feature where all the symbols tend to revolve in large stacks. This can lead to some immense wins, as they tend to travel and line up together as they land.


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