Chinese Kitchen Slot Machine

Video slot machine from Playtech

There is something about food slots that I love, especially (for some reason) when it comes to Chinese food. I'm not sure that this is one of the classic food slots, but it is not bad if you like 3 reel classic-style games. If not, then I would recommend heading to an older Vegas casino and playing Fortune Cookie by IGT.

Chinese Kitchen Slots

If you have ever played the Fortune Cookie slots made by IGT and are looking for something similar online, you might well find yourself this game. Alas, the Chinese Kitchen slot machine is nothing like that game. It's not a bad slot, but just not the same as the IGT original.

One thing I did notice about Chinese Kitchen slots, is that none of the symbols look like food, being represented by pictures of the animals, rather than the dishes.

That said, if you do like something a bit different, then it would be worth taking a look at this game. It is very unusual in being an 8 line slot, there are not many of those around and also.... what is that creature with it's tongue out!?


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