Columbus Deluxe Slot Machine

Gaminator casino slot / fruit machine released by Novomatic

The Columbus Deluxe slot machine, made by Novomatic is found in most UK casinos and also many casinos in Europe. It is a classic 5 reel game that plays like many of the gaminator slots, with a free spin bonus. The big money to be had is if you can hit those free spins.

Columbus Deluxe Fruit Machine

Like a lot of Gaminator fruit machines, Columbus is really cute and has the traditional sound effects you get in these games, when the reels spin. Although it doesn't have the cashier style noise that you get in Book of Ra, or Book of Ra Deluxe games.

The game play is quite high volatility and you can go for long periods without winning, then you suddenly hit a big hit. I've had several sessions where I have lost £60 quite quickly, but at the same time I have had sessions where I suddenly hit a couple of huge £100+ wins in just a few spins.


Small things matter...

As I often say, it's the small touches that really matter with slot machines. Firstly, there are those things you don't even notice that make a game so easy to play and easy to understand. Then there are those touches that help build up the suspense and adrenalin. Columbus Deluxe scores highly on these counts.

On small touch that is really enjoyable is the simple sounds that you hear when the bonus symbols come in. Ringing like the sounds of a ships bell, the rush of excitement as the third one comes in in incredible. And of course, once you do hit the bonus, the fun really starts...


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