Davinci Diamonds Slots

Tumbling Reels video slot released by IGT

Davinci Diamonds is not a regular slot machine in that there are no spinning reels at all. It is, though, one of the most original and absorbing games you will find in Vegas and is a joy to play. The way it works is very similar to a standard slot machine, but the way it looks and feels is very different

Davinci Diamonds Slots in Vegas

When you first play Davinci diamonds the first thing you will notice is that there are 'tumbling' reels rather than the more traditional spinning reels. These tumbling reels act in the same way that you would see on games like GEMS, all that glitters slots or in some ways, like Tetris. Basically, the symbols fall from the sky to fill up the 5x3 make-up of the slot.

Once the symbols have tumbled and the screen is full up, if there any winning lines, those symbols then explode. Gravity then takes hold and leaves spaces up the top, which are then filled up again with more tumbling blocks. Once again, if there are new winning lines, the process continues until a time when there are no winning lines and the whole process can start again when you press the 'spin' button on the machine

This game is not yet available in any us online casinos


The Davinci Diamond Bonus Round

When you line up the symbols to trigger the bonus round (three or more Davinci Diamond symbols in a winning pay-line), you get through to the bonus round. This bonus is really a free spin style feature, where you get a number of free plays which could range from 5 up to 15 and can re-trigger so theoretically you could get over a hundred free spins from just one bonus round

The thing I really enjoyed about the bonus round was the way it changes the atmosphere through the music and new color scheme. The tempo of the music livens up, whist you get a much more racy game altogether with the spins coming quicker.

As the bonus round progresses, the speed seems to get faster and faster, so it brings on a good adrenaline rush. To make things even better, the bonus point get bigger too, so you can stack up some good wins.

In summary, this game provides a refreshing change from regular 5 reel video slots like Vegas Baby, The Sopranos slots and Indiana Jones slots, and is one you should check out at least once when you visit Vegas.


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