Deal or No Deal Slots

Video slot made by Electracade / Openbet & Endemol

As far as slots go, when you have a brand like Deal or No Deal, your game is going to be popular. So, although this is a regular 25 pay-line video slot with bonus rounds, the thing that makes it really exciting is the bonus round - it is just like the hit TV show, where the contestants pick out the boxes

Deal or No Deal Slot Machine

It goes without saying that the reason that people want to play this game so much is to take their chances on the bonus game

Get three Deal or No Deal briefcase symbols (the ones full of money) lined up on reels 1, 2 and 3 and you will go through to the Deal or No Deal Bonus round

It's worth mentioning that the number of lines you have been playing will have a big effect on the possible size of the wins in the bonus round. So, if you play the maximum 25 lines, you will get the really big bonus money.

If you don't want to play high stakes, then look out for the penny version, because it is much better to play 25 lines on a penny version than it is to play 5 lines on a nickel version - you will get much better game play in the bonus round


Playing the Bonus

Just like the TV show, you start the bonus round by picking out your first choice briefcase. That briefcase is then set aside and you begin the task of picking out the remaining suitcases one by one. Each one you pick opens in turn and you are hoping to thin out the low money cases, leaving just the big ones behind.

After a few selections, your host will then phone the banker to see what he will offer you...


The Bankers Offer

The offer you get from the banker will depend on which cases you have selected out so far. So, if you picked out all the low money ones, leaving high value ones left, the banker will offer you a lot of money to take the Deal. The reverse is true as well, if you haven't been so lucky in your first few choices, you will get an offer that sucks. That's the way the game goes!

The bonus round continues until you either accept one of the deals, or you get down to the last two cases.

When you are down to the last two cases, the host will offer you the choice to swap the cases. Some mathematicians say you should always swap the case at this stage (using some complex mathematics), but in reality this is a video slot, so it probably doesn't matter - it's down to chance

Once you have selected the final case it will be opened to reveal just how much you have won

Other than the bonus round, this slot is fairly typical of other five reel games like lobstermania and dancing dolphins slots. It doesn't have loads of tiny details to keep you amused for hours on end, like money storm and reel rich devil slots. It is though, very attractive to people that love the hit TV show and would like to take part themselves with the chance of winning real money.

If you like this game you might also enjoy game-show games like Wheel of Fortune and Game of Life slots both of which are very good games worth playing


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