Diamond Spinner Slots

Video slot produced by Konami Gaming

Diamond Spinner slots is a great new game from Konami. For many Vegas slot fans, Konami would not be the first brand name that come to mind when they think of their favorite games, so it might surprise you to know that this new game from Konami is taking the slot floor by storm in 2010.

Diamond Spinner Slots in Vegas

On the face of it, the Diamond Spinner slot game might look like a lot of other new 5 reel mechanical reel slot with free spins bonus features, but when you get to play it you will realize it is a one of the best new games in Vegas today. It is one in a line of slots that also includes the legendary vibrant 7s slots

This style of game has become quite popular with slot fans over the past two years as it give you the best of both worlds - that is, it gives you the old fashioned mechanical reels that we all know and trust (thinking games like Blazing 7s and Triple Diamond) with the more modern 5-reel format and those free spin bonus rounds that we all love (like wolf run, Cleopatra and time machine slots)

This game even goes one step further and includes video bonus rounds. The beauty is that there is a video screen up above the main slot reels (at around eye level) where bonus rounds can be played

When you play the game, the look and feel can be quite mesmerizing and the feel you get when the diamonds hit is stunning. The reason for this is due to an incredible base in the speaker that almost feels like it's touching you as the reels hit their mark.

The other cool thing that makes this slot work so well, is the vibrant colors. Almost like a Japanese slot (well, it IS Konami after all!), the colors work well. They are so bright and vibrant that they really do lift you. At some stages during play, if you are being caught up in it, you can get surprise as the reels go into revers spin. This on it's own is a nice feature, even if it is just for the eye candy


The Jackpots

One of the other things about this slot that players absolutely love (and why it's so popular) is that you get to play for a decent progressive jackpot without having to max bet.

That sort of thing is become less and less common in Vegas these days, so when you find a "non max bet" jackpot, it is really worth taking a look at.

In the case of these games from konami, if you want access to the bonus game and with it the jackpots, then all you have to do is add 10 cents onto your spin. So, you can play for jackpots without having to break the bank.


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