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Fruit Frenzy Slot Machine

Classic video slot machine from RTG

When I saw the title of this game, I thought it was going to be a 3 reel "fruit machine" or one of the fruit slots that is popular in Europe. But no, this is in fact a US-style (old Vegas style) 5 reel video slot. It just happens to be based around fruit, so you get characters based on Oranges, Plums and the like...


Fruit Frenzy Slots

The RTG Fruit Frenzy slots game is pretty cute and it is a bit different from the regular 5 reel video slots with free spin bonus features.

The bonus in this game is called "The Daredevil Feature" - it is based on a fairground style theme. Remember the old Rocket Man, well its based on that, apart from your daredevil in this case is a giant strawberry.

In the bonus, you get rewarded for each successful shot, as the daredevil is fired out of the cannon and towards the target. It's great fun and good to see something a little bit different.

So you wanted free games, but were disappointed. Well, I wasn't totally honest before - there really are free games here too - the number you get depends on how many successful shots you took. There, you can relax now, you do get free games after all, hehe!


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