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Battleship slots

Video slot made by IGT

Battleship is a huge multiplayer 'immersive gaming experience' slot machine version of the classic 80s board gamet. The set-up features 4 machines next 2 each other and a huge 52 inch screen shared between everyone. The cool thing about this slot is the interactive community gaming aspect.




Battleship slots

A new game from IGT, which is a huge multiplayer 'immersive gaming experience' version of the classic game and sure to be a massive hit.

featuring 4 machines and a huge 52 inch shared screen, the big thing about this slot is the interactive community gaming aspect.

Bonus games take you into a world where you actually feel like you're part of the play and you can play both with other players (teamwork) as well as against other players (competitive).

One bonus sees you flying your fighter plane over ships trying to land bombs to win prizes, with bigger ships being hit relating to bigger awards. Very similar in style to the now ageing top gun slot machine, it's a very nice bonus round. But it's not the main attraction.

The main attraction is the bonus based on the battleship board game itself. This sees the players on the left hand side of the block pitting their wits against those sat on the right hand side.

Each player in turn gets to choose a symbol that will ward a certain numb of bombs or missiles. First, the board is set up (just as in the original board game) and players each drag their ships over onto the 8x8 grid in preparation for the big event

These missile are then shot over against the team you are competing against. Each bomb awarded that hits translates into points and should you fire enough hits to sink one of the oppositions ships, but awards can be achieved.

The way the game plays and draws players into an immersive gaming experience is quite incredible. It rally does blur the boundaries between traditional casino slot gaming, modern video gaming and with social interaction features.


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