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Ghostbusters slots

Original video slot released by IGT

The Ghostbusters slot machine was one of the most anticipated games to ever be released in Las Vegas. The anticipation around Ghostbusters was not just hype, either, it became a massively popular game as soon as it was released. The game is original, fun and has amazing bonus features.


Ghostbusters slots

Ghostbusters slots has all the ingredients that a great game needs. Interesting and varied gameplay, great bonus rounds, adrenaline-rushes and plenty of unusual features that appear when you are least expecting them.

The Ghostbusters slot machine game has managed to capture all of the excitement, the comedy and the sheer fun of the original movie.

Unusually, there is one version of the ghostbusters slot that is a four reel game. The position where the 5th reel would normally be provides a multiplier symbol for when you hit a win.

Also unlike most new game these days, ghostbusters features 7s, rather than card symbols, or just characters front he brand the slot is based on

These little differences immediately make for a good start to the game, but there is a lot more to the slot than just that. Of course, you will see the ghosts featuring heavily, especially Slimer.

The game itself is incredible to play, with some of the most intense and exciting atmosphere I have seen in a slot. When the characters move around the screen, you really feel like are playing a role within the movie. The 3d graphics, the way the wins leap out at you - all quite superb

To make the game even more atmospheric, you are provided with a custom built seat containing 3D surround sound speakers, the ghostbusters theme tune accompanying regular slot play has that feel good factor to it.

When you hit the bonus, the way the seat begins to rumble is quite something, although perhaps you might prefer to avoid this particular feature if you have an upset stomach - the rumbling that goes through the body at this point is intense.

Once in the bonus round you get to spin a wheel that either gives you free spins, bonus money or takes you through to a bonus game that provides opportunity to win on of 5 progressive jackpots.

The game has plenty of humor, which you would hope for from such a great movie that provided a laugh a minute. You will also be able to play along with loads of clips from the movie and little fun touches during your gaming journey.


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• Theme: Ghostbusters/Paranormal

• Reels: 5

• Paylines: 20

• RTP (Return to Player): 96.33%

• Release date: October 2019

• Bonus Features: Ghost Battle Feature, Equipment Feature, Zuul Free Spins

• Maximum win size: 25,000x your stake

• Minimum bet size: 0.25

• Maximum bet size: 750

• Jackpot: No


Can I play Ghostbusters Plus for real money online?

Yes, Ghostbusters Plus can be played for real money on various licensed online casinos that offer IGT games.

Can I play Ghostbusters Plus for free online?

Yes, most online casinos allow you to play in demo mode, where you can enjoy Ghostbusters Plus for free. It's an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the game before placing real money bets.

Does Ghostbusters Plus include original characters from the franchise?

Yes, Ghostbusters Plus incorporates many original characters, including Egon, Peter, and Ray, elevating the nostalgia factor for Ghostbusters fans.

Is Ghostbusters Plus mobile-compatible?

Absolutely! Ghostbusters Plus is designed with HTML5, making it compatible with mobile devices. This allows players to enjoy the game wherever they are.