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Storm Queen Slot Machine

Video slot made by Aristocrat

Storm Queens slots are not well know, but getting really popular. They have a lot of very interesting, new features never seen before. One of them is that you get to choose an animal in the free spins, which relates to the prize value, but also the potential difficulty of hitting the win, by lowering the number of free spins.





Storm Queens Slots - very bright, new and shiny, the Storm Queen series is very volatile, but if you do get a big win, it's going to be huge.





Storm Queens Slots - could this be the biggest symbol in Las Vegas today? Yes, that big polar bear is in fact 9 symbols fused together!



Storm Queens Slots

One of the new trends in Vegas is that players are being given more choice when they get a bonus. Quite often, a player can choose how many free spins they get and the 'multiplier' levels. So, you get a choice of more spins, but lower value wins, or fewer spins and higher value wins.

I don't know, but I get the feeling that this is a really clever way for the slots companies to find out what their players prefer. Over time, they will discover what sort of balance their players like the most when it comes to free spins and variance.

On the other hand, the companies might also find out which combinations of free spin numbers and payout value are the most profitable for them too?

In Storm Queens slots, you get the choice in the bonus of picking out which animal you want as your main icon. Its a case of picking lower value animal symbols with more spins versus higher value symbols with fewer spins.

So you pays your money and takes your choice. But then again, you could just pick the polar bears because they are sooooooo cute :)

Overall, the Storm Queen series are all really nice slots, with the trend for super-massive symbols. I have to say, I did find it very difficult to hit the bonus, but when it does come in, you get super massive wild symbols.


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