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Time Machine Slots

Video slot made by WMS

One of the most enchanting and magical slots to appear over the last year in Vegas is Time Machine. As you can get an idea from these videos, the sense of adventure and excitement of the bonus round is quite incredible and really gives one of the best slot experiences around at the moment




Time Machine

Time Machine is one of the best new games to hit the casino floor since The Wizard of Oz slot. Indeed, being produced by the same company, this is no surprise and you have plenty of the same elements that made Wizard of Oz great.

If you really want to understand just how good this slot really is, then the best way is to find yourself a casino and play it, because it is not yet online. Although it is becoming more popular, it is not yet in all Vegas casinos, so you may have to look around to get a play on one. We played this game at the Luxor, but we also found it at a few other big ones, like The Wynn

If you have played this game, you might also enjoy taking a look around and trying to find other sci-fi style games like the Star Trek slot game and the Star Wars slots, as well as the older but still fun Alien Slots. In terms of having lots of flashy graphics, great sound effects and bonus rounds (but not in the sci-fi style), you might want to have a bit of a play on games like The Sopranos slots and the Indiana Jones slots series as well as the brand new Wheel of Fortune slots with the video screen bonus rounds

There are so many different things to this game that make it a real classic even though it is a new slot, it would be hard to write about all of them. Something that many slots don't have, but this one does is quality in all aspects of the play.

When it come to the bonus games, there are plenty and this is something that means you can play for hours without getting bored. Added to the fact you can play a penny slot version easily and not too many lines to get the bonus rounds, it means you can play a long time on little money if you wish to. Now, if you're in the casino and getting free drinks at the same time, all the better - great entertainment, free drinks and that's good value, in my opinion


Time Machine Slots

With Time Machine Slots, you get quite a few different bonus games, with the main ones being 'The Past', 'The Present' and 'The Future'

Also in Time Machine Slot Machine, there are free spins and stacked wilds (which appear as dinosaurs that come and take up the entire column of one of the reels, or sometimes more (like in Wizard of Oz when Glinda the Good witch comes along. As with that game, there is a vibration in the seat and a funny feeling when this is about to happen, which is totally awesome when you get it

Also like Wizard of Oz slots, this machine, being new, does seem to pay out very wheel. If the Wizard is anything to go by, this winning rate will reduce as time goes by, so we would recommend getting out there and playing as soon as possible to get the most bonus rounds

If you are heading to the casino for a session on the slots, and you are a fan of video slots with bonus rounds, then you really should check out the new Time Machine game from WMS.


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