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Under the Sea Slot Machine

Fish and mermaid-based online slot machine

Some games are just plain cute and fun to play. This Under the Sea slots game is one of those - from the sound of the bubbles, to the way the reels come in, everything about it is fun. Very much like the Goldfish slots in Las Vegas, Under the sea is easy to play and has nice bonus features too.




Under the Sea Slot Machine

Although I really like this game, the one thing I am not so sure about is the way that all the fish look like they could be of equal value, regarding payouts.

This makes it hard to know whether you are about to hit a big win or not at the times the reels come in. It's a small point, but it makes a huge difference to how enjoyable the game is, how much excitement is generated as you watch the reels spin.

The treasure chest and the mermaid symbols are easy to identify, which is good, because they are the most important of all the symbols.

I do really like the free spins and the multipliers on this game, they make the bonus round worth playing - it's always better to have that extra incentive that could allow you to win a large amount when you do hit a bonus.

As far as games go, there are a lot of similarities with other Betsoft games in the way the slot plays. The them though, is more similar to Mermaid slots, or Goldfish slots. So, if you are a fan of fishy themes, you might well enjoy playing this Under the Sea slot machine.

Overall, Under The Sea is a very nice game, but had they paid just a little bit more attention to detail, I can't help but thing it could have made it into a classic. So close.

Who knows, though, perhaps they will add a few extra features and small finishing touches to make it into a legendary online slot machine?


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