Wonder Woman slots

The game itself is pretty much a standard 5 reel slot machine. It plays in a typical modern Bally fashion and in many ways, similar to Tarzan or Michael Jackson. The spinning reel ( like 'u spin to win' games) is a big factor here.

I only got to play Wonder Woman slots for a short while and I did enjoy playing, although I thought the game was more notable for the theme, the video clips and the music, rather than the actual game play. 

I got to play the bonus game once and got one with free spins. At the beginning of Horne free spins, there was a choice between number of free spins and number of wild symbols added to he screen during the play.

I went for the maximum number of wild symbols (60 extra per line) and 8 free spins. Had I wanted, I could have gone for 20 free spins, but with fewer wild symbols added. I was going for it, fewer spins, but higher potential wins per spin. 

Another bonus was similar, again involving free spins, but with expanding wonder women that then became wild. Lol, need to read that last sentence twice. Anyway, you're ably get the point - there are plenty of free spin bonus rounds, each with their own unique twist to keep the game interesting.

Wonder Woman Slot Machine

Wonder Woman is causing quite a stir in Las Vegas right now. I had no idea it was so popular, but it took me ages to get to play it at The Venetian..

The Wonder Woman slots game, is great fun and has a few new and innovative features to discover. The main feature that I enjoyed was, like a lot of Aristocrat slots, the free spins bonus featuring Wonder Woman.



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