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Austin powers slots

The Austin powers slots is made by WMS and as you would expect, it is quirky in nature.

I got to play the Fembot bonus round, which gives you two wheels (each wheel being placed on the Fembot's breasts, lol). The first wheel is a multiplier, the second is a win value. The game itself is nothing out of ordinary, but the colors and music are out of this world, baby!

Seriously, when you play the bonus, the feeling the game generates is superb. The colors and sounds are so vibrant and they really do make you feel like you are taking part in a big screen movie. 

The 3D surround sound in Austin Powers slots plays a big role in giving the atmosphere and the game would not be the same without the new color technologies in the screens. 

Mini me also features heavily and there are some wonderful video clips of the famous dancing you see in the movie. There is a mini mini bonus feature, although I didn't get to play that one. 

Get three min me symbols and you get to spin the wheel bonus. You might win cash on this wheel, or it might take you through to one of the main bonuses.

Dr Evil's volcano island gives you another wheel. The great thing about this bonus is the video clips, which are hilarious. Remember in the movie when Austin is in the tent? Well, it gives you all those clips in big screen, right on the screen and you win cash at the same time!

Austin Powers slots features a Fat Bastard bonus wheel, although I did get to play that one, so cant talk about it.

Overall, this is a really nice, beautifully made game that will appeal to players looking for a bit of fun and entertainment. As with a lot of these big brand movie slots, I doubt the appeal will last for years, but it is great fun to explore, especially for the sound and the video clips.



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