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The big Las Vegas casinos, like Bally's, Caesars and the Golden Nugget are only available to play online if you live in Nevada, New Jersey or in the UK. Everyone else in the world has to find themselves a non-Vegas casino to play online. Below, we list the online casinos we have enjoyed playing the most recently

Over the next couple few months, we will be updating our Las Vegas casino section, taking a look at what sort of games they offer, what sort of people you might expect to find in them and what the general feel is like.

We will also take a look at how good they are for things like penny slots and high limit rooms, in case you are looking for them.

Until we get it all up and running, please take a quick look at some general reviews we had written for the site that provide a little bit of info about just a few of the various casinos we have visited.




Golden Nugget



The Palms



Four Queens

Hard Rock

Mandalay Bay

New York New York

Treasure Island


Caesars Palace



MGM Grand

Planet Hollywood



Right now the reviews are based around providing a general overview of the hotels and how they are. Soon we will be improving them to include an in-depth look at the slot machines they have and what you can expect to get from your slot play in comparison to other casino hotels.

We also plan to include pictures and videos we can get of the casinos to give an idea of what they are like and the range of games on offer.

Who knows, at some stage it may be possible for visitors to the site to post their own reviews, pictures and videos - that would be cool!

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