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Beetlejuice Slots

Video slot made by WMS

Beetlejuice is another really big branded game from WMS. It's is played on the 'pinball style' horizontal screen, rather than a standard vertical screen (casinos need big floor space for games like this). I that respect, the game is very similar to some of the newer Wizard of Oz games made by WMS.




Beetlejuice Slot Machine

The bonus features also play in a very similar style to what I think of as the 'pinball' version of Wizard of Oz game. That's not to say it's like playing pinball, but the screen is laid out flat and long, instead up upright

The game play itself is what some would call ultra-high volatility, giving out very few wins in regular play, but at the same time giving out big opportunities during bonus feature play. We heard a few complaints from people that there was no fun in the long losing streaks, but at the same time I suspect others were revelling in their big wins.

Because it is so volatile, the game will most likely only suit those players with a really big bank rolls and who can afford to lose.

For the record, I think I managed around 50 spins in a row without hitting a single winning line, never mind getting on the bonus game.

Another trend that Beetle juice slots is following, is the mega-sized symbol. See the polar bear symbol in desert queen for an example. These massively oversized symbols would certainly freak out a 1980s slot player if they hadn't played for 30 years - could you imagine?

For the penny player there is a big disadvantage to the game in at it has a mega-jackpot (running at nearly $2m when I was playing) and you can't win it when playing lower bets. Unfortunately, unless you play max bet, which is a whopping 400 credits per spin, then you can't win that jackpot.

As a penny player, I much prefer the old Jackpot Party style of jackpot where you can still win the major prize no matter what stake you are playing, even if that chance is massively reduced when playing low stakes.

So, is this a good game? It has a lot of nice features and will surely appeal to fans of the original movie, so it should be a big ht in the short-term. But whether it will stand the test of time, with the low number of wins, remains to be seen.


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