Duck dynasty slots

The bonus game I got to play involved going fishing. You head out on your boat and then get three casts out into the lake. Before each cast, you pick out your lure, which will give you your multiplier (between 2x and 10x), then you cast out.

Your prize money then depends on the size of bathe fish and your lure multilevel. One of my casts saw me catch a 1200 point fish on a 10x multiple. Not bad. The next one saw me catch a 200 point old decomposing can on a 2x multiple. Not so good.

I have to say, I really enjoyed the bonus game, but it didn't really make me want to keep playing to experience it again. I played it once, liked it and was satisfied. 

I saw another guy playing a bonus round based on based on shooting, which looked fun, but very similar on style. Quite a slow way to play a bonus game.

Overall, I think that the duck dynasty slot machine will mostly appeal to visitors to Vegas looking for fun and interest, rather than your slot machine fanatics. Is it good? Yes. Is it great? I'm not so sure...

Duck Dynasty Slot Machine

One of the biggest releases of the year for Bally is duck dynasty. It's bound to be popular, given how the tv show has taken the country by Storm over recent years.

The game itself is fairly typical of recent Bally slots and plays in a similar fashion to Michael Jackson or Tarzan. The big feature is the giant spinning wheel which gives you either instant cash, or better than that, one of the bonus games.



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