Ellen slots

One of the really cute touches is when you get a stack of Ellen symbols on the first reel. Once you get that, Ellen dances across the screen (hilarious!) and she turns all the picture symbols into red Ellen symbols, which means y could be in for a big win.

There are three more bonus games, including a cool free spins bonus. One of the other ones is a pick and choose game. 

If you get a big win, Ellen comes on to the careen and does a turn, talks to you, or is just plain funny. Another nice touch is when you have got the first 2 (of three) bonus symbols and are waiting in anticipation for the third one to come in - at this stage, Ellen will sometimes beg for e first one to come in, or maybe say something to encourage it. This is really cool, to get Ellen rooting for you when you are playing.

Unlike a lot of big brand slots, I think the game itself is very good, whereas some others seem to focus more on style of substance. It wouldn't surprise me to see the novel format of this game start to appear in many other slots, including smaller box games and games that don't have such big brands attached to them.

Next time I am in Vegas I will take a look out for Ellen slots

Friends Slot Machine

The Ellen slot machine is a very nicely produced game, very polished, with the sounds and graphics that you would expect when a huge brand is converted into a slot. The game is funny too!

There are absolutely loads of features in the Ellen slot machine game and a lot of cool touches that will really appeal to all fans of the star.



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