Elton John slots

As you would hope, the sound is incredible. Actually, it was only playing this game that reminded me just how good a singer song writer Elton John is - he really rocks the house in this game and listening to the music through the superb speakers and watching all the video clips was outstanding.

The slot itself is fairly tidal in the way it plays, but e game really comes into its own during the bonus game, which was so much fun, I loved it.

During the bonus, each of Elton's shades become a wheel. The one of the left gives out 5 wheel spins, which relates to a free spin on the main reels, but with upgraded features like extra wilds, symbol upgrades, or wild reels.

As the fee spins go on, each one you get is then transferred to a second wheel, the gold record reel. The nice thing here, is that the gold free spins is itself upgraded from the original, so you get one final spin that has really great prize potential. 

As the bonus game plays, the music and graphics features really captivate and I just wanted to play it again and again to experience it more.

The Elton John slots game, like a lot of big brand slots, is a progressive jackpot game and you can only win that when you max bet. Presumably, means that the low stakes players get a worse payout percentage and the overall payout of the game in regular play is also lower that regular non-jackpot games. Presuming you don't win the jackpot, that is :)

Elton John Slot Machine

Made by WMS, I had low expectations, just because so many of he big brand games disappoint, but this one was great to play and I loved every minute.

The machine itself is impressive and there are three screens. The first is a regular playing screen with a 5 reel slot. Above that though are Elton's sunglasses, each of which is a screen in its own right - genius!



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