Friends slots

The bonus game I got to play was the wedding bonus. This bonus game gives you 10 free spins, but with locking wilds. I love this style of free spin, as you generally get bigger and bigger prizes along the way and the 10th spin is always the most exciting of them all.

The best locking wild free spins is always when you get 5 wilds in a row, especially if you can get that on, say, spin number 4 or 5. It guarantees that all the rest of your free spins will be big winners, as you not only have 5 top symbols in a row, but also all other combinations around it benefit from the wilds

Friends slots also has a birthday bonus, although I didn't get to play that one, so can't really say much about it. I will play it again next time I am in Las Vegas and find out what that one is all about.

One thing that did surprise me about friends slots is that it doesn't have quite as much in hype way of video clips and voice that I thought it would have. It still has plenty, but just not as much as I expected. Maybe I just didn't play the game enough.

Is the fiends slots a classic? Probably not, but it is a pretty decent game and with the draw of the theme being absolutely huge, I am sure it will get plenty of players in that would not normally play. Maybe that is the purpose of these big brand games - to introduce new players that would not normally play, into the world of slots?

Friends Slot Machine

The new friends game from Bally is sure to be a big hit. E TV series was so popular and even now it still is and with so many different age brackets and types of people, it should do really well. 

The game shares a lot of features with other newer Bally slots, like Michael Jackson and Tarzan, in at the bonus involves the big spinning wheel, where you spin it yourself. In many ways, like wheel of fortune.



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