Gremlins slots

You can play the game in two different modes and the reels are completely different depending on which mode you play. Play it in gizmo mode and the reels are lovely, fluffy and peaceful, but play it in gremlin mode and the whole game becomes darker. This is reflected in both the sound and the graphics.

In gremlin mode, one of the nice touches is when the gremlins start to swing across the screen, handing out fee wilds. 

Another, is when the middle reel gets attacked by a gremlin and he starts to throw out wild symbol to his friends. When that gremlin is gone, the friends start to throw all those wild symbols back at the screen. The way this happens is so much fun, you want to see it happen again and again.

In gizmo mode, I really enjoyed the free spin bonus round. As you play the fee spins, you will get clock symbols along the way - collect enough of these symbols and you start getting loads of free wild symbols and you start to get big wins as a result. So, the sooner you start getting those clock symbols, the better your free spins are going to pay out.

This is a bit like in games like More Chili and More Hearts, when y get much bigger payouts the more chilies or hearts y collect early on in the free spin round. 

The really great thing about the gremlin slot machine is how much attention to details has gone into the game. This really does make all the difference and makes it so playable and fun, that you will want to play a lot more often than many other slot machine games.

I didn't get today all the features and bonus rounds so this is definitely a game I will be playing next time I am on Las Vegas - I want to discover all of bathe secrets it has to offer...

Gremlins Slot Machine

It took a while for gremlins to be converted into a slot machine, but it was well worth the wait - gremlins is a fantastic game, with a lot of features to keep it interesting.



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