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It's not often a game really 'wows' you and comes up with something really new and exciting, but the new Colossal Reels games from WMS did exactly that when they were released. It's not just that they brought a new concept to the slots floor, but that the concept works and people really do love these games.



Spartacus Slot Machine

The big thing about Spartacus and it's sister slot machines (thinking of Giants Gold, Lil Red and a whole load of new ones) is the gigantic second reel. The big second reel gives and opportunity for some really big wins, because there are so many lines to play.

So if you got all five reels lined up with one of the major symbols, you would be in for a treat. Of course, that doesn't happen often, but you get a massive buzz of adrenalin when you come close.

The one thing I would like to see improved on this game and all of the other Colossal Reels slots, is to speed up the timing of the way the second reels come in. Quite often you can see that you have won nothing and you just want to end the spin. You can stop the reels with the button, but that shouldn't be necessary. When I spin the reels, I always think they come in a bit 'loose' or 'sloppy', but would prefer it if they came in with a nice quickly timed thud.