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Multiplayer video slot released by IGT

The Clue slot machine is another huge game released by IGT. This one is a big multiplayer version of a classic board game is Clue (called cluedo in some countries). When ti was first launched it became a huge hit on the casino floor and players quite often had to wait ages to get a game.




Clue slots

This game seats is a big one, it 4 players around a huge single video screen. The scene is shared between all players sitting at their individual slots and when the bonus game is triggered (for everyone in a community gaming fashion) it become the murder scene.

The actual main bonus game is an ongoing affair. As people spin, they hit the bonus and get the chance to make a guess as to whodunit.

With each guess, you get to strike off the possibilities, making the chance of someone guessing it correctly the next time greater.

So, it's possible that when this game comes out you might see players waiting for the puzzle to be 'nearly' solved and then sitting at the machine, hoping to be the one that guesses the game correctly (having had other people do all the hard work for you). It's going to be interesting to see shatter that happens, or if people don't use such tactics and play just for the fun of it.

The aim of the bonus game is just the same as the board game - find the murderer, the location and the murder weapon and you win big prizes.

You will see several rooms and will be asked to pick out the room where you think the murder may have taken place. Unlike the board game, there is no skill involved in determining the person, cause and motive, but it is fun still, trying to figure it all out.

The real fun in this game, is sharing the experience with the other players. It is great to enjoy a bonus game, where everyone makes money at the same time. You will often find people cheering and hugging as the money is paid out, making new friends at he same time.


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