Centipede slots

Arcade style video slots made by IGT

One of the biggest surprises on the slots floor over the past few years was definitely to see the Atari Centipede converted into an 80s style themed slots machine. With their first release in this series of games, comes a blast from the past - a slot machine based on the original old classic 'centipede' console game.

Centipede Slot Machine

Those of you old enough to remember the centipede game will be pleased to hear that the slot bonus game comes with the very same blocky graphics you saw in the 80s.

There is even an old fashioned joystick and let's be honest when was the last time you had a decent joystick in your hand? If you love slots and have a serious urge to relive your old joystick days then this is a game you are absolutely going to have to hunt down in Vegas.

The slot itself though, is very bright, new and full of everything we would expect to be included in 2011. In that respect, it combines the old and the new in a beautiful harmony.

The fact the game involves some degree of skill in order to avoid the crept crawlies whilst at the same time shooting for bonuses is a very interesting move in the slots word.

For a long time the whole basis of the Vegas slots world has been that you need no skill at all, so whether the game is loved by the same demographic is going ton be very interesting.

Will older players love it because of the blast from the past element? Or will they snub it, preferring to play non-skill games instead.

Likewise will the younger gaming generation love it for the skill gaming aspect that they know and love, or will the ancient graphics put them off? Only time will tell, but it's going to be great to watch and see how it does.


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