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Raging Rhino Slots

Video slot made by WMS

As far as branding goes, Raging Rhino, by WMS is easy to get confused with the amazing Buffalo slots made by Aristocrat. The similarity with these two games doesn't end with the 'big four legged animal' theme - they also share the non-traditional pay-lines, where you can win on any permutation.




Raging Rhino Slot Machine

In comparing Rhino slots to Buffalo, there is one major difference - the Rhino slots is a 6x4 slots, whereas Buffalo is a 5x4 game. This makes a big difference and makes Rhino slots a much harder slot to win on, but when you do get a big win, it can be absolutely massive.

Raging Rhino slots includes a free spin bonus. During the free spin bonus, there are extra 2x and 3x wild symbols which can produce big hits, like in the video shown above. The bonus can also be re-triggered with a couple of bonus symbols (diamonds), which is similar to Buffalo slots.

Another similarity with Buffalo, is that the main symbol, the Rhino, can come along in stacks, so that you can end up with multiple maximum hit wins on the same spin. And of course, the big shout of "Rhino!" is essentially identical to the "Buffalo!" shout in the Aristocrat game.

So is this a good game? Yes, it's great fun, although being such a highly volatile slot, it can be easy to lose your bank roll before you get to play any features. One for the players with a big budget.

Personally, I don't care that they have taken so many feature from Buffalo, because I love this game and that's all that matter. Walking around Vegas this year, it seems that plenty of other people love it too!

Like a lot of games released in 2012 and 2013, the Raging Rhino game is ultra streaky (high volatility). This means that you could go for long periods without any meaningful win, then suddenly find yourself winning hundreds of dollars on a single spin, even if only playing minimum bet. 

Raging Rhino is a 6 reel game, where here are no classic 'pay-lines' as such, because every single combination and permutation can give rise to a win. This means that essentially there are 4096 possible winning lines.

Of course, the chance of actually hitting the entire 4096 lines all in one go are tiny, but it can actually be done if you hit a wild symbol on each of the 6 lines.

If you are lucky enough to hit the bonus end, you will find that the wild symbols become more frequent and also, they become multipliers. S, if you we're to get 3 wild symbols lined up, hey might each give a 3x multiplier, meaning that all winning lines are suddenly multiplied by 27x (3x3x3).

Now, get that lined up with three of the top paying Rhino symbols and you have got yourself a phenomenal win. Hence why the game can go through such long winless periods, in order that it can pay out these huge wins in the bonus play.

One of the most enjoyable touches when you play Rhino slots happens when you hit a pay line with 4 or more Rhinos - at hat point you hear a loud "RHINO!!" shouting out the loudspeakers along with the sound of charging Rhino, trampling the floor. That really gets the adrenaline going, as you watch in anticipation to see what sort of win you will be getting.

The opportunity to win big sums of money in regular play, even on minimum bet will appeal to a lot of penny players, but for others, the long periods of play in between without wins may make it less fun. Really, it's a case of choosing the right slot for you and the type of game you tend to enjoy the most.


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