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Buffalo Deluxe

Sometimes, when we love a slot, we don't really think about why, or what it is that makes a slot so enjoyable. With Buffalo slots, I think it is a whole bunch of different things. First, it looks great and sounds great and there are loads of little touches that are all so cute, you can't help but love the feel it generates.

But, more than that, I think it's down to the mathematics - Buffalo has the perfect combination of small wins and potentially huge payouts too.

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The really big payouts come in the bonus game, where the wilds symbols become multipliers at 2X or 3X creating huge wins. In Buffalo Deluxe, you get the chance to increase those multipliers even more!

Before you start playing, you see the following screen and you get to choose your own mathematics - the higher the multiples you go for, the fewer the free spins you get. I can tell you, making the decision is difficult!



Buffalo Slots Deluxe Feature Choice - which one would you choose? More free spins, or bigger multipliers. I never know which one to go for!



Buffalo Slots Deluxe - might not look that impressive at first sight, but look again....... multiple bonus re-triggers handed out an incredible 85 free spins!

As it happens, I chose the 15 free spins feature and thank goodness I did, otherwise I would never have got all the way up to 85 free spins, because my re-trigger happened on my 14th spin!

You can see that at this stage, it was showing a decent win of $68 (and rising) on a 50 cent spin - ended up around $85, as far as I remember.



A Winning spin - although I've seen much bigger, I was so pleased to hit this win, as I had been on a long losing run. Just a shame that this wasn't during the bonus game, because those wild symbols would have been between 2X and 5X



So Close! - OMG, as they say! If only I had hit just one Buffalo on reel one , this would have been a major win at 300 credits x 1x2x3x3x3 = 54X - that would have been a massive $162 on just a 40 cent spins. Ah well, next time...


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